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Reusable Tampon


Embrace the pool, beach, and water sports with freedom and peace of mind

Recommended use:

  • Ideal for lighter menstruation days or as an additional complement to your current menstrual product.

  • Suitable for small urine leaks.

  • Top layer and absorbent core made of 100% organic cotton 3D technical fabric.

  • UV protection of UPF 50+. Offers high protection against sun damage, helping to reduce the risk of sunburn, premature skin ageing and cancer.

  • Anti-leakage system that guarantees maximum safety and protection.

  • Commercial video here.

  • Up to 100 washes without losing absorbency.

  • Chlorine and salt water resistant outer fabric, tested to ISO 105 standard to ensure durability in aquatic environments.

GingerOrganic Portada Aplicador Reutilizable

Pack includes:
-1 Individual sleeve.
-1 Reusable applicator.
-3 tampons.

GingerOrganic Tamoin con aplicador pack

Product Awarded by the EcoExcellence Awards 2021

Eco Excellence Award 2021 - Winner Product
2a Part
Certificate of Cotton
Certificate of Made with Sustainable Materials
GingerOrganic Illustration Reusable Applicator of Tampons

Made with Medical Grade Materials.

Reusable up to 1.800 uses.

Soft and easy comfortable insertion.

GingerOrganic have produced feminine hygiene products made by the purest 100% organic cotton avaliable, since 2015. Our products are guaranteed not made with harmful chemicals, chlorine and perfume.

By using GingerOrganic you can be sure that your body is only in contact with the purest and finest organic cotton during your period.

GingerOrganic Reusable Applicator of Tampons
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