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Menstrual Cup

  • Made with Medical Grade TPE (Termoplastic Elastomer).

  • Clinically tested.

  • Reusable and Recyclable.

  • Made without latex, BPA and phtalates.

  • Sustainable and Economical.

  • Vegan.

  • Color: Pink Masterbatch.

GingerOrganic Menstrual Cup cover page

Available in 3 Sizes: S, M and L

GingerOrganic Menstrual Cup still life

Free of: latex, BPA and phtalates

2a Part
Certificate of Vegan Product
GingerOrganic Illustration of Menstrual Cup

Rounded edges for smooth insertion and removal.

Suction lugs Patented cone-shaped suction lugs: prevent leaks and facilitate vacuum for removal and cleaning.

Cup base with anti-slip relief.

Extraction handle with a special shape that makes it easy to grip.

The menstrual cup is a natural, economical and ecological alternative to the use of other feminine hygiene products such as sanitary towels or tampons.

Size guide:

  S     Under 18 years old, who do not have sex regularly.

 M    Under 35 years old, who have not given birth vaginally.

  L     Older than 35 years old or who have given birth vaginally.

GingerOrganic Menstrual Cup S size
GingerOrganic Menstrual Cup M size
Organic Menstrual Cup L size
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